The understanding that the RTT process gives you can free you from your issues in just one session.

This is why this method of hypnotherapy is called ‘Rapid’. Some issues may require up to 3 sessions, but usually after the first session and being committed to listening to your personal recording for 21 days after the session, you will have the freedom you have been looking for.

The RTT Process

STEP 1: A free 20 min chat

Set up a time to have a free 20-minute chat with me to discuss the issues, behaviours or habits you want freedom from.

STEP 2: The RTT Session

The 90 -120 mins session discovers the root cause for your blocks, limiting beliefs or undesirable behaviours. With this understanding, we will re-frame your mindset with powerful positive suggestions to replace these with new liberating and transformational beliefs.

STEP 3: Integration

In order to ensure the changes in your beliefs and habits are integrated fully you will listen to a personalised transformational recording for 21 days. I will be available for a follow up discussion after 1 week and a final implementation discussion at the end of the 21 days.

STEP 4: Soar

Fly high and shine your bright light.