In a world where you can find yourself stuck in the pattern of negative beliefs, habits and addictions, we have your back.

Gain freedom from addictions

Addictions can be hard to break. Sometimes, willpower is not enough, and you may need extra help to change habits and behaviours, and the underlying beliefs, that cause you to stay addicted. You may feel stuck and without the insight nor the tools to move ahead, no matter how hard you try. That’s where we can help. We specialise in hypnosis to stop drinking or smoking, and can help you find freedom from other addictions such as drugs, sex and gambling.

A combination of hypnotherapy and transformational life coaching is extremely effective in reframing beliefs, and releasing long-standing habits. We use Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), which combines hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy, to access the subconscious mind.

Ready for change?

We will guide you through a simple, four-step process, starting with a free 20-minute phone call, followed by a 120-180 minute session, where we will discover the root cause of your addiction and reframe your mindset. We will provide coaching and hypnotherapy so you can quit smoking, stop drinking or deal with any other addictions. The coaching and hypnotherapy we do will provide you with both sub-conscious and conscious processes and practical tools to interrupt the patterns of behaviour to ensure a lasting successful outcome. I will then leave you with a personalised transformational recording to help integrate these changes into your life, and follow up to see how you are going in the coming weeks.

After undergoing hypnotherapy for alcoholism, you will be free to live your life without being chained to this destructive habit. After hypnosis for alcoholism, clients either reduced or stopped their habit after just one session. We see these same amazing results with hypnosis for smoking and gambling too.

Find out how hypnotherapy for smoking, drinking, gambling or other addictions can help you to find freedom. Feel free to contact us or check out our frequently asked questions for more information.