See how Mindset Transformations and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) has helped clients gain control of areas in their lives that were holding them back.

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Sarah is so authentic, caring and loving woman. I came to her with procrastination issues and after ONE session, I planned my whole year, including content, clients, launches and looked over all my cash flow.

She helped me understand how events of my past, influenced the woman I am today. Once I realised that I’ve overcome so much, it’s been upwards and onwards since!
Highly recommend Sarah! ❤



“My session with Sarah, and the personalised recording I listened to following our session, has had a profoundly positive effect on my life.

Over the last 5 months I’ve felt released from past negative beliefs and I feel I have a clean slate from which to work from.

I’m feeling more content and empowered than ever before and am excited about how the next chapter of my life will unfold.”



“As soon as I first spoke with Sarah I felt at ease and comfortable discussing personal issues that I hadn’t shared with anyone before. She understood me, and was so genuine. I felt that she really did care about supporting me to understand where my issues came from.

I enjoyed the RTT session very much. I felt deeply relaxed and when it was completed I felt a huge sense of relief or lightness in my body. I noticed a shift in my mood immediately and over the next few weeks I continued to feel better and better.

I am so happy to have found Sarah and would highly recommend her.”



“I have been feeling anxious and worried for many years now and have never been able to pin point the cause of my anxiety or get rid of it.

After one RTT session with Sarah I felt so much clarity around where the anxiety stemmed from, and realised that the negative self talk that I experienced  in my head each day was the main culprit.

Sarah taught me how to recognise those negative thoughts and change them to positive ones. So now my subconscious thoughts are congruent with my conscious thoughts. I am so happy with the changes I have already experienced and am excited to learn more.

Thank you so much for your insight Sarah.”


Fear of Public Speaking

“I’ve always had this unwanted weight on me, it makes my breathing unnatural, my mouth starts to twitch, my mind goes blank no matter how well I’ve prepared and it all comes to an awkward pause, where my vocal sound just gets unplugged. Then the fear races and overthinking takes over my body. That’s how I’ve felt about public speaking or been given the spotlight, or even the thought of it.

Almost 25 years later, RTT came along. All I wanted was to be able to confidently speak in public and RTT has helped me take humanly progress towards speaking in front of large crowds. It’s been two months since I had a life changing session with Sarah, who is a wonderful guide. I’d say the progress at the moment is equivalent to a baby that could walk by holding on to something. That for me is the most positive progress as before this I was more like a baby stuck in a capsule. I creeped, I crawled, and now I could stand and could walk holding on to something (positive mind and well prepared material). It’s only a matter of time I’m start walking, running, sprinting and flying!

Big thank you to Sarah for introducing me to RTT. You have changed my life!”